Car Park. In September 2016 we celebrated the 10th anniversary of Symington Community Hall and representatives from the various hall user groups together with former Board Members joined with the Directors to mark the event. In response to a request for suggestions as to how the Hall’s facilities could be improved, a proposal was made that additional parking, including a disabled parking area, should be provided. The Board agreed to look into this and after identifying funding for the project, approved plans to extend the existing car park. It is hoped that work on the car park will start later in the year.

Maintenance. The Board is keen to maintain the fabric of the Hall and its environs and to that end a local contractor was employed during the past year to repair sections of the roof, fascia boards and the front boundary wall. A local gardener has also been employed to cut the grass and hedges around the Hall and to maintain the flowerbeds. Over the same period, a number of the light fittings in the corridors were damaged and either had to be repaired or replaced. As these fittings are expensive to replace, we ask all hall users to take special care when carrying bulky objects down the corridors and to detail any accidental damage that may occur in the Faults Log in the office.

Storage. Over the years, the groups that use the Hall have stored materials used for their group’s activities in the Hall’s storeroom. Unfortunately, the volume of these materials has grown to the point where the storeroom is now full and does not have room for anything else. The Board therefore encourages all groups that have materials in the storeroom to review their storage needs and to remove items that are surplus to requirements. Up until now the use of the storeroom has been provided free of charge however, because of the increasingly large number of items stored in the room, groups might have less space allocated to them in the future and ultimately, it may be that a charge will have to be applied.

Board Membership. Finally, if you have any suggestions as to how the Hall is run or could be improved, then please speak to one of the Directors. Alternatively, if you would like to be considered for membership of the Board of Directors, then please have a word with our Chair, Angela Liggat, or any of the members of the Board who would be happy to explain what is involved.