The Board of Symington Community Projects Limited (SCPL) extends its grateful thanks to Stewart Milne Homes for its generous gift of a sparkling new notice board outside the Community Hall. Many favourable comments on the appearance of the new board have been received and the new notice board not only enhances the look of the Community Hall and Main Street, it also makes a positive contribution to our beautiful conservation village.

Earlier in the year, the SCPL Board decided to investigate the purchase of a new external notice board for the Community Hall. As many of our hall users will have observed, the old notice board was in a very poor state of repair and, as it was not enclosed, any notices placed there quickly became illegible due to their exposure to the elements. The placing of unauthorised notices or the removal of legitimate notices was also a problem, as the notice board could not be secured.

The SCPL Board’s original intention had been to fund the purchase of a new notice board from our limited financial resources. However, having obtained quotes both online and from a local supplier, it quickly became apparent that the cost of a weatherproof, lockable notice board of similar size to the old board was well beyond our means.

So instead, it was decided to seek a sponsor for a new board and an approach was made to Stewart Milne Homes who looked favourably on our request. Rather than providing the funding for us to go out and purchase a new board, they offered to organise and pay for a new one from their own signage company and the result is the smart, new board at the front of the building.

If you would like to have a notice displayed on the new notice board, please leave a copy of your notice in the Hall Office or in the Letter Box adjacent to the Main Door and mark it for the attention of the Hall Manager. Notices will only be displayed at the discretion of the Hall Management.