About Us:

We are a Private Limited Company with Charitable Status

A number of years back the church Halls had fallen into disrepair and needed major work done to allow it to comply with the stringent rules and regulations of today as a public building. A few local people decided that they would endeavor to raise enough capital to refurbish and upgrade the whole building. They succeeded and the fruits of their efforts can be seen today in this wonderful building.

Our Mission Statement is:

Symington Community Projects Ltd aims to provide a comprehensive hall facilities rental service for all customers, both in the local community and beyond.
We endeavour to provide a service that is cost effective for all parties concerned.
We strive to listen to, and act upon, the facilities rental requirements of the local community.


The Company is managed by a volunteer board of directors with a Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary.
We have one employee and that is our Caretaker that works on a need basis and is not permanently to be found on the premises.