The Art Group starts back on Wednesday 7th January 2015 in the John Nimmo Hall at the Community Hall for All.

We will now have the hall available from 18:30 to 21:30, following our discussions at the last meeting in December.

This means that those who prefer to start and finish earlier can be accommodated, as can those who prefer to start and finish later,
as we all have different commitments and arrangements to take into account.

These hours allow considerable flexibility, as members can turn up at any time, and leave at any time within this 3 hour period.

Ros Summers, our treasured artistic consultant, has advised that she will be available until 21:00, or thereabouts, to advise and help with any art related matters, or to have a wee chat with anyone.

The hall cost will be divided amongst all members. We currently run at about 10-12 members per meeting, but I believe more will turn out now that the Christmas period is over, thus reducing the overall cost. We anticipate that it will not cost more than £2.50 pp per session, including tea and coffee, but we hope it will be much lower, if the number of attendee’s permits.

We hope that the new set up will appeal to both regular and occasional members and members yet to join.

All levels of competence are welcome, from absolute beginners to those more experienced.

A selection of artists materials and books are available.

Here’s to a great New Year of painting and drawing!

I can be contacted on 01563 830368

See you all there!